I live on Sakhalin Island. I have been taking pictures since I was 14. He took up photography seriously with the advent of digital technology.
              I don't have clear genre boundaries. Most of the time I work with portraits. I love landscape. I do theater photography.
              Working with people is a huge plus for photography. It's nice to see when a person opens up in the frame, gains wings...
              Photography is like meditation. She became a part of life. Or maybe life has become part of photography? In any case, I have not tried to divide my time into free and not free from the camera for a long time.

             Seven solo exhibitions:

             2016 - "35th theater"

             2017 - "People of the theater. Shops"

             2017 - "36th theater"

             2017 - "Sketches of the Sakhalin International Puppet Theater Festival"

             2018 - Spectator. Children in the theater

             2018 - "37th theater"

             2021 - "40th theater"